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COVID-19: What is the Health Psychology Exchange and what can it do?

In response to COVID-19, over a hundred health psychology professionals from around the country would like to offer their time and expertise to support policy, strategy and practice relating to health. 

They have organised themselves to volunteer freely into a collaborative with a single point of contact, to make it easier for colleagues to identify expertise that they might need.  

Support can be provided across health, social care, local authority and voluntary sector organisations.

Please view the flyer to find out about the kind of work health psychology professionals have done and suggestions for the types of things they could do during the pandemic.  This can be as little as commenting on the behaviour change aspects of a new policy document, through finding training materials or research evidence about particular topics, to finding an expert who will volunteer to join a working group.

Please email, if you would like their assistance and they will arrange a discussion with you.