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COVID-19: AHPs delivering staff health and wellbeing: a collection of case studies

It has never been so important to focus on staff wellbeing as we manage the current staff health and wellbeing challenges arising from COVID-19.

This latest national update includes a collection of case studies which demonstrate a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of staff; which are highlighted below. You can access the full suite of case studies from the Covid-19 area of the North West AHP Network website: 

  • Occupational therapists delivering vocational clinics in primary care reducing sickness absence from 71% to 15%.
  • A paramedic-led campaign to improve the mental health of staff, changing the culture and approach to mental health.
  • Targeted physiotherapy interventions for departments with high levels of staff sickness, reducing sickness absence by 81.4%.
  • Dietitians providing dietary advice and support to staff, resulting in 76% of participants losing weight and 87% reporting an increased quality of life.
  • Osteopathy intervention reducing sickness absence by 25% for University staff with musculoskeletal problems who access the service.
  • Podiatrists providing a staff service, reducing time away from work and improving access to podiatry service.

For a range of other resources, please view on our COVID-19: AHPs hub which we continue to host to support AHPs across the country.