GM Local Pilot: Partner Engagement Event.

Thursday 1st August 2019: 1-3pm.

Greater Manchester is one of 12 local pilots across the country, which has been funded by Sport England. There is a recognition, which is highlighted within Sport England’s strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’ that individuals do not live in a vacuum. They are connected to a place and its community, each with its own unique structure, relationships and geography. The aim of the pilots is to start to understand how we can use those local identities and structures to deliver sustainable increases in activity levels across the country.

In November 2017, it was announced that Greater Manchester would be one of the 12 pilots. Since then, all 10 localities, each with their own steering groups and a central team across GM have been working to better understand our communities, with research, insight and engagement. To identify how a whole system approach, can support our communities to build on their strengths and encourage a more active lifestyle.

This is now at a stage where the work can share this learning with wider partners. See and for further details please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.