MESSAGE FROM PAUL CHAPMAN National Lead for Return to Practice AHPs and HCS

Dear Colleagues,

Following the recent announcement by the government to support Return to Practice for AHPsthis has resulted in the Cabinet Office setting Health Education England a target of 80 AHP / HCS professionals to be returned to the HCPC register before March 2018, with a further 220 to be returned between April 2018 to March 2019. I need some urgent help if possible?

  1. To scope and engage with current and potential AHPs wanting to return to practice in England. Would it be possible for you to  inform me of any AHPs they may be aware of that are currently undertaking or likely to want return to practice and register with HCPC? This may include individuals currently in the re-registration process. If you could provide the following information below that would be helpful to track progress (although not essential to provide all at this point).
    1. Name of returnee
    2. Profession
    3. HCPC number if known
    4. RtP start date
    5. Proposed date for submission for re-registration
    6. Organisation offering clinical placement
  2. To come forward as an organisation if you would be willing to support potential returnees. Please let me know if you would be willing to be contacted to support this process.

The HCPC process for RtP is a self-managed, self-directed process. The HCPC process offers much more flexibility which currently has been shown to be a cheaper and affordable solution supporting AHPS and HCS back into the NHS. The individual returnee designs their RtP plan and self declares their competency. Updating of skills and knowledge is developed through clinical placement, private study and formal study. From national work and that highlighted by the East Midland project, returnees state that the hardest part about RtP is getting started, finding placement / future employment and the cost. This is where this national programme can support.

For further details please take a look at the HEE RTP webpage here.

Please could you send any correspondence to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

The project has been designed to support qualified AHP or HCS who require HCPC re-registration or registration after qualifying on a UK course over 5 years ago. Below are some inclusion and exclusion criteria:

  • The program is open and will support all AHPs or HCS who live and plan to work in England, once returned to the HCPC register.
  • You need to have been previously registered with the HCPC or qualified in the UK but have not registered in the last five years. If you have not registered with the HCPC since qualifying and is over five years please contact the HCPC for advise.
  • Currently the program is not open to AHPs or HCS who have qualified abroad and have never been registered with the HCPC.
  • Returnees looking to work outside England when they have returned to the register.
  • If you have any fitness to practice issue cited against you by the HCPC.

In order to support the RtP process returners should contact the HCPC and get them to confirm HCPC number, how many days updating of skill and knowledge needed to undertake and fitness to practice status. This needs to be provided in writing as evidence for any provider willing to support the clinical placement. It would also help the RtP team to know a date by which the returner intends to return to the HCPC register.

In anticipation thanks for your support.

Paul Chapman

National Lead for Return to Practice AHPs and HCS

Health Education England, working across the Midlands and East

Westbridge Place | Westbridge Close | Leicester | LE3 5DR

  1. 07973 979449