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Creating an effective integrated care team – using a systems approach, with John Mortimer

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Event Description

When a health leader decided to pull together a team of frontline health and social care professionals, to explore what an integrated approach might look like, the aim was to break away from the restrictions of the current organisation – and be allowed to explore what would happen if the team could create a way of working around the citizen.

Systems thinking was used to underpin the approach, and a design methodology that allowed experimentation into this new way of working. The team could then decide what to take from the experiment that would inform the new way of working.

Results of this work would see service effectiveness go up, whilst resources reduced – as long-held practices and beliefs were overcome.

The session will also offer some real story-telling of a complex narrative in action, sharing a video about this transformative work.

Creating an effective integrated care team – using a systems approach, with John Mortimer | Q Community (

Join Q for this case study call with John Mortimer, who has spent 20 years re-designing services and organisations – moving beyond bureaucracy and ‘command & control’ with systemic design. Members of the team itself that did this pioneering work also plan to be there – and will be able to answer questions.

John will share what the essentials are to have in place when undertaking this level of change, the team will share outcome measures that demonstrate real impact.

This session will be interesting for anyone thinking about how our health and care services can be reconfigured.

  • It will help to widen the boundaries of what we believe is possible with change.
  • It will allow us to see the different levels of change that are required.
  • We can understand how we approach learning and a new approach to the traditional forms of change.
  • It will share outcomes that demonstrate the efficacy of such change.

The lessons will be transferable for whatever complex challenge you’re working on.

This Zoom is organised by Q’s Reimagining Health and Care SIG 

Event Details

14 June 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM