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Penny - Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

I have seen the rewarding nature of working in the NHS through my family who have worked in the service for many years. The public sector offers support to all patients no matter what inequalities they face, and I believe everyone should have access to supportive healthcare.

I discovered the role of a dietitian through my enjoyment of nutrition and science. Dietetics provides evidenced based science behind all their recommendations and treatment pathways for patients. This gravitated me towards the role, as there are so many ways to support patients with scientific reasoning.

I am a community dietitian based in the South of Liverpool. I support patients who are underweight, overweight, or with a range of illnesses that require help with their eating and drinking. This can be through food first techniques, oral nutritional supplements of via tube feeding. I travel throughout the community visiting patients at home, or completing clinics in local health centres.

My career started by studying a BSc degree in nutrition, after which I gravitated to dietetics where I completed my MSc degree. I am a newly qualified dietitian, having worked at Mersey Care now for 18 months.

I've recently finished my preceptorship with the trust and I'm now developing in my specialist knowledge and skills with enteral feeding.

I find the job very rewarding and at the end of every day, I drive home feeling proud of the support I have offered my vulnerable patients.

Penny Scruton
Why should you be a dietitian?

Obtaining adequate nutrition is a day-to-day necessity, and you are able to minimise the stress of this for your patients. 

You will feel rewarded in your role and can make connections with your patients.